Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is the ideal location for a magical destination wedding. My love for the island runs deep and I'm excited to share my knowledge in this Mallorca Wedding Guide with you.

         ultimate guide
to planning your mallorca wedding


       ultimate guide to planning your mallorca wedding


Ease of Travel

Mallorca's international airport ensures easy access for guests traveling from around the world. 

Diverse Venues

Mallorca offers a wide variety of wedding venues,  ranging from rustic country side fincas to luxurious cliffside estates.

charming blend of cultures

Mallorca's Mediterranean flair and unique blend of cultures adds depth and richness to your wedding experience.


With some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and the Tramuntana mountain range, a world heritage site, Mallorca truly has it all. 

Mallorca, with its sun-kissed beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming Mediterranean culture, stands as a top-tier destination for weddings. This island is not just a location - it's an experience that will linger in the hearts of you and your guests forever.

should consider a wedding in mallorca


           you should consider a wedding in mallorca


Mallorca has countless beautiful venue options - from fincas and boutique hotels to luxury villas. Consider the overall ambiance you envision for your wedding and start your search there, wether that's chic, intimate, grand or rustic.

You can see my list of The Top 5 Most Stunning Venues in Mallorca here 

A local planner will help you navigate legalities, recommend trusted vendors, and ensure a smooth planning process.

See my list of The Top 10 Wedding Planners in Mallorca here

A local planner will help you navigate legalities, recommend trusted vendors, and ensure a smooth planning process.

See my list of The Top 10 Wedding Planners in Mallorca here

accommodation for guests

local vendors

Mallorca is a hub for world-renowned wedding vendors who can turn your dreams into reality. From florists to photographers, you will be able to find some of the best wedding professionals in Europe here.

local wedding planners

Mallorca has hundreds of hotels and vacation rentals for every budget. Ask for group rates at hotels and choose accommodations that are either central near Palma or close to your venue.

venue options

Mallorca is becoming more and more popular. If you have a specific venue in mind I highly recommend to reach out a minimum of 1 to 1.5 years in advance. For vendors like florists and photographers 9-12 months is best.

when you should start planning

Getting legally married in Mallorca is tricky and most couples choose the practical route of a symbolic ceremony on the island and a legal civil ceremony in their home country. 

legal requirements

The overall cost greatly depends on what you envision as well as the level of vendor expertise you seek for your wedding. Budgets typically range from 20 to 300k. 

how much does a wedding in mallorca cost?

June and September are the most popular months because it's usually sunny but not too hot. May and October are also great options. July and August bring very high temperatures & humidity and while doable offer less ideal conditions.


good to know

good to know

General Tips for a Mallorca Wedding

General Tips for a Mallorca Wedding

With friends and family coming together from all parts of the world, most couples want to create a unique experience for their guests and include a few smaller events surrounding their wedding day.

Set the tone and kick off your celebration with a welcome party at a scenic location. This kind of relaxed and informal event gives you and your guests a chance to connect prior to your actual wedding day.

Day 1 | Welcome Party

Exchange heartfelt vows, mingle during cocktail hour and enjoy a magical dinner under the stars. Mallorca has so many stunning location choices including all-in-one venues so you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Day 2 | Wedding day

Extend the fun with a relaxed day after party. A pool party or farewell brunch are great options and give you another opportunity to create memories with your friends and family.  

Day 3 | Pool Party or Farewell Brunch

Consider a pre-wedding boat ride with your closest friends and sail along Mallorca's picturesque coastlines. This will create unforgettable memories before the main celebration.

optional pre wedding boat ride

for example

what a typical destination wedding weekend looks like in mallorca

create an unforgettable experience

what a typical destination wedding weekend looks like in mallorca

create an unforgettable experience


ONE OF THE                                 PLACES ON EARTH.

most beautiful 

most beautiful 


Hi, I'm maria

At home near the sea, picking oranges in the garden, always exploring and celebrating those moments that leave me in awe. 

I am a German-American but Mallorca is where my heart is the happiest. I live on this beautiful island with my tattoo artist husband and our son Indy who we named after the great adventurer.

When we got married almost 19 years ago I knew I found my soulmate. I moved from Germany to Texas for him and now we live on a Spanish island. This place is an endless well of inspiration for me, so beautiful and magical it's hard to describe.

I love a day that starts with snuggles, sunshine and a cup of coffee - team decaf here! And even better when the day ends with friends and family gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories and a homemade meal.

looking for a wedding photographer?


Something Beautiful

I'm Maria and I have been photographing weddings here in Mallorca for nearly a decade. If you are planning a wedding and would like to connect, I'd love to hear from you.