Your Dream Honeymoon in Mallorca

Discover a Local’s Guide to a Beautiful Honeymoon in Mallorca

Mallorca is the perfect destination if you are looking for an enchanting honeymoon in the Mediterranean. With breathtaking landscapes and a rich culture, it offers an idyllic backdrop for a romantic getaway. 

I have called this island home for 9 years and captured the love stories of countless couples and am excited to share my insider tips, exquisite hotel recommendations, and activities to make your dream honeymoon unforgettable.

Sunset View of Valldemossa from Hotel Valldemossa

Practical Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Mallorca

Best Time to Go

Consider planning your Honeymoon in Mallorca during the spring (April to mid June) or fall (mid September to October) when the weather is warm, and the island is less crowded. These months are the best time for exploring, indulging in outdoor activities, and enjoying the beauty of the island. The sea is also still very warm in September & October. 

The summer months (July and August) bring high temperatures & humidity and while they may be perfect for beach days they are not ideal for any other type of adventures. Mallorca gets very crowded in the summer and accommodations and rental cars will be much more expensive.

Insider Tip: My personal favorite months are April & May. The island is filled with red poppies and temperatures are ideal. October is very beautiful too – not hot but still perfect for beach days. 

Getting There

Mallorca is well-connected with international flights, and Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) is a major gateway to the island. Numerous airlines operate direct flights from major cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia, ensuring convenient access for couples embarking on their dream honeymoon.

Getting Around

To make the most of your time on the island, consider renting a car to explore Mallorca’s hidden gems at your pace. This way you can discover off-the-beaten-path coves and villages but also gives you complete flexibility.


The locals speak Mallorquin and Spanish but Mallorca is a very international destination and English is also commonly spoken or at least understood in the tourist sector. Menus are almost always available in English too. This makes navigating the island really easy.

The 10 Most Romantic Hotels for a Honeymoon in Mallorca

When it comes to the best hotels for a honeymoon in Mallorca, you’re spoiled for choice. Here are my personal recommendations for an authentic experience:

Cas Xorc

Tucked away in the Tramuntana Mountains, Cas Xorc is a boutique hotel that exudes romance and serenity. It is surrounded by lush gardens and overlooks the picturesque Sóller Valley. This hotel offers a perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury, including a gourmet restaurant, and a serene infinity pool. Cas Xorc truly is an intimate retreat for couples who seek a secluded and romantic escape.

Hotel Website

Es Raco d’Arta

Es Raco d’Arta is a hidden gem on the east side of Mallorca and blends traditional architecture with contemporary luxury. Meticulously restored with a commitment to sustainability, this hotel offers an intimate stay away from the crowds. It is a wellness-oriented retreat where you can connect with nature and yourself.

Hotel Website

Cap Rocat

A former military fortress turned into a luxurious retreat, Cap Rocat offers a unique and secluded experience on the Bay of Palma. Perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, this 5-star hotel boasts private terraces, stunning infinity pools, and impeccable service. Each room is a blend of modern comfort and historic architecture and truly provides an extraordinary backdrop for your honeymoon.

Hotel Website

Belmond La Residencia

Nestled in the artistic village of Deià, Belmond La Residencia is a haven of tranquility and sophistication. Set against the backdrop of the Tramuntana Mountains, this enchanting hotel combines timeless elegance with Mallorcan charm. With luxurious accommodations, an award-winning spa, and exquisite restaurants, Belmond La Residencia offers an intimate and romantic escape.

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Finca Serena

Located in the middle of the island near Montuïri, Finca Serena epitomizes rustic luxury in Mallorca. Surrounded by nature and vineyards, it offers spacious suites and provides an enchanting escape with sustainable luxury. 

Hotel Website

Can Simoneta

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, Can Simoneta in Canyamel is a luxurious retreat designed for tranquility and romance. This 5-star hotel offers an intimate escape and direct access to the sea. Can Simoneta promises a serene haven where couples can unwind amidst the beauty of Mallorca’s northeast coast.

Hotel Website

Hotel Corazón

Nestled in the Tramuntana mountains Hotel Corazon embraces the artist essence of Deia. It is a bohemian haven and tranquil retreat. With it’s barefoot luxury approach, eclectic rooms and a farm to table restaurant it channels 70s Balearic summers vibes.

Hotel Website

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular

In the heart of Palma’s old town, Sant Francesc Hotel Singular stands as a testament to elegance and sophistication. This 5-star hotel seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary luxury and is the perfect tranquil oasis for those who prefer a more urban location.

Hotel Website

Top Activities for Your Honeymoon in Mallorca

1. Book a Boat Tour

An unforgettable experience along the azure Mediterranean waters. A must do! 

Insider Tip: Cap Rocat offers a 6 hour private boat tour for their guests. Click here for more infos

2. Spend a Day in Palma

Discover Palma’s charming old town with it’s narrow streets and many boutiques. Stop for a coffee and people watching at Mistral Coffee House or Cappuccino.

Insider Tip: Venture to Santanyí and explore the charming little boutiques. Stop by Terraorignes, a hidden gem with a well curated selection of authentic artisan treasures.

3. Enjoy a Beach Day

Sink your toes into the soft sands of Mallorca’s pristine beaches and just relax. A few favorites include: Cala Llombards, Cala Mesquida and Playa Muro.

Insider Tip: In the summer you won’t find empty coves or beaches in Mallorca but you can beat the crowds by going either in the morning or after 5 pm and by avoiding the weekends. 

Couple Photos during Honeymoon in Mallorca

4. Have a Romantic Dinner

Indulge in a culinary delights and beautiful views with dinner at El Olivo at Belmond La Residencia or at Cap Rocat’s Sea Club including sunset views.

Perfect Spot for Proposal in Mallorca

5. Explore Mallorca’s Picturesque Villages

Loose yourself in the historic charm of Mallorca’s villages. Wander the cobbled streets and just enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful views. My favorites are Pollenca and Arta.

Insider Tip: Go on a mini road trip and take the scenic drive to Banyalbufar, including winding roads and coastal views. 

View of Arta

6. Get Honeymoon Photos Taken

Nothing immortalizes your love story like stunning photographs. Hire a professional for one hour to capture this special time your live.

Insider Tip: I recommend staying at least one night at Cas Xorc, Cap Rocat or Belmond La Residencia for the most beautiful backdrop and crowd-free honeymoon photos.

7. Watch the Sunset

Sunsets are best watched in the north of the island. These are my two favorite spots: The roof top terrace of Jumeirah Hotel in Port de Soller and the mirador at Son Marroig.

sunset views in Mallorca

8. Relax at a Beach Club

Dive into luxury at one of Mallorca’s beach clubs and savor the sun & sea without the crowds. Below you can find a list of the best beach clubs in Mallorca.

My Top 3 Favorite Beach Clubs in Mallorca:

Beach Club Gran Folies:

Perched along Mallorca’s southwest coast, Beach Club Gran Folies radiates luxury with its pristine beachfront, plush sun beds, and gourmet dining. It’s a refined haven for couples.


UM Beach House:

On Playa de Palma, UM Beach House epitomizes modern beachside luxury with sleek design, panoramic sea views, and a lively ambiance, creating a chic and memorable experience for couples on their Mallorca honeymoon.


Purobeach Palma

Right outside of Palma, Purobeach is a beach club that combines sophistication with relaxation and also offers stunning views of the Mediterranean along with sun beds, and gourmet cuisine.


Your dream honeymoon in Mallorca awaits, filled with romance, breathtaking views, and unforgettable moments. Explore, indulge, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to capture this unforgettable time in stunning photographs.

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