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Why every couple needs
a wedding album

Are you guilty of letting your beautiful images sleep on your hard drive? It's time to get your album made and relieve your wedding through something tangible. 

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At home near the sea, picking oranges in the garden, always exploring and celebrating those moments that leave me in awe. 

I am a German-American but Mallorca is where my heart is the happiest. I live on this beautiful island with my tattoo artist husband and our son Indy who we named after the great adventurer.

When we got married almost 19 years ago I knew I found my soulmate. I moved from Germany to Texas for him and now we live on a Spanish island. This place is an endless well of inspiration for me, so beautiful and magical it's hard to describe. 

My love for this island runs deep and I'm happy to share Mallorca's secrets with you - from the best venues and vendors to places to stay and explore. I hope we meet one day!