Gordes Provene on 35mm Film | Maria Hibbs

Oh beautiful Provence. I miss you so! This is a place in the South of France is very dear to my heart. I see myself living there one day. All images shot on 35 mm.

Aix-en-Provence on 35 mm film | Squaresville StudiosProvence France on 35 mm | www.squaresvillestudios.comProvence France on 35 mm | Squaresville StudiosLourmarin France on 35 mm | Squaresville StudiosAbbey de Senanque in France on 35 mm | Squaresville StudiosGrasse Provence on 35 mm | Squaresville Studiosyacht harbor in Antibes Provene on 35 mm | Squaresville Studios

Hi, I'm maria

At home near the sea, picking oranges in the garden, always exploring and celebrating those moments that leave me in awe. 

I am a German-American but Mallorca is where my heart is the happiest. I live on this beautiful island with my tattoo artist husband and our son Indy who we named after the great adventurer.

When we got married almost 19 years ago I knew I found my soulmate. I moved from Germany to Texas for him and now we live on a Spanish island. This place is an endless well of inspiration for me, so beautiful and magical it's hard to describe.

I love a day that starts with snuggles, sunshine and a cup of coffee - team decaf here! And even better when the day ends with friends and family gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories and a homemade meal.